Application for Service

Please complete the below application to request service be connected.  Note, service cannot be connected on weekends or holidays.  If you would like same day service, please notify our offices. If you have any questions regarding new service, please contact your local office during normal business hours.  All fields with the asterisk (*) are required.

Billing Options: Standard Billing $275.00 or Prepay Electric $120.00 

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As one of our services, we provide an online portal for viewing/paying bills and account management. If you would like to use this service, please specify a Password and Password Hint below. For security purposes, please select a password with a combination of both letters and numbers.

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Pennyrile Electric is a cooperative, providing electric service to its members.  Anyone desiring service is required to become a member of the cooperative.  Before service can be given, the following charges must be paid.

Membership Fee - $15.00
This fee may be applied to your final bill when service is no longer desired.  If you relocate within the Pennyrile service area, this fee is transferable.  (One membership will cover multiple accounts.)

Connection Fee - $35.00
This fee is not transferable or refundable.

Residential Deposits:
Residential Regular Deposit - $225.00

Residential Prepay Reserve Fee - $50.00

Non-Dwelling Deposit - $50.00

A new or previous member authorizing a credit check and obtaining a good credit rating will not be required to pay a deposit.  Present members with a good payment record will not be required to pay a deposit for a second meter.  If you have been cutoff at the same location in the last 24 months a deposit = twice the average bill is required.
A members deposit is automatically credited back to their account with 24 months of good payment records.  No delinquents, returns, or cutoffs.  

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By checking here, I (we) would like to become a member(s) of Pennyrile Electric Cooperative.  And I (we) understand that before service can be given, the described and respective charges for Residential service, including Prepay, must be paid. I (we) understand that if the service location has been vacant for a year or more that an electrical inspection is required before service can be connected.
I understand that checking this box and typing my name in the field provided below is my electronic signature.
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